Why Us


Promise and Strategic Location

The first double sided LED advertising screen are located at the corner of the car park area of Penang Plaza, facing Jalan Burmah and Jalan Larut.

Penang plaza is one of the prime areas and has one of the highest traffic flows in Georgetown.

Penang Plaza Screen

Facing Jalan Burmah

Creative and Production

Our design department is fully skilled in creating attractive and effective outdoor advertising content. Our Creative Design Teams are always ready to fulfill the requirements of our clients in designing advertisement concepts that match your products and services.

Penang Plaza Screen

Facing Jalan Larut

Penang Plaza Screen

Our LED Screen is located in a busy street which has one of the highest traffic flow in town that will create the necessary impact for your company. It is located next to the traffic light where there is a high possibility that will catch the attention of the drivers who are waiting for the traffic light.